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My first private exhibition ITKE SE POIS (Cry it away) is about sorrows and comfort. I have approached the theme through symbolic meanings of everyday objects and materials. Tissue napkins are in the main role. Sorrow is a feeling that is familiar to everyone. But depending on one’s gender, age, or other characteristic, there are different “right ways” to express it.  I hope the exhibion brings comfort for everyone - everyone should be able to express their feelings of sorrow without shame.  

The visitors can sprinkle salt into the water and watch how their sorrows melt, creating a collective tear: 


 1. Take a pinch of salt from the bowl 

 2. Sprinkle it into the water 

 3. Watch how your sorrows melt into collective tear


  Repeat if necessary

I will take care of the Tear after the exhibition. I will pour The Collective Tear into the Sea.  

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