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Flashes from winter dreams


Livingroom tables, boxes, sugar, bone porcelain, plastic bag, tracing paper, reflective tape, sugar cubes, lenticular print, polaroid pictures*, freezer bag, water, visitors’ (sell phone) cameras

*pictures are taken by Noah Rivera Rentola (thank you)

It is said that we are not made from sugar. We can stand in the rain and the drops won´t melt us, we just get wet. Our glaciers are melting like sugar in the rain. Sweet life has changed our climate. We get to explore ancient bones that melting ice reveals - but we lose our future. I love the softness of winter lanscapes, the sounds, the snow sparkling like diamonds and the freezing air of white, sleeping views, dreamy feelings. For how long can we have snow covered winters? The potential loss of winter experiences is small compared to what happens as a result of climate change. Winter dreams are replaced by storms, floods, extreme weather conditions, and extinctions. 


Just in case

I store everything into these boxes

Diamondlike snow sparkling

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