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Group exhibition: 25.5-2.6.2019 Jag Gjorde det! Tein sen! I did it my way! Axxell, Esbo

Buoyant Goblets


This ensemble features some everyday objects that represent joy and fertility. I want to release stigma around the material I have used: the goblets are made of tissue paper porcelain that I have painted, layer after layer, over air filled condoms. 


Like every human is different shape and form, you can also find each goblet being unique; an individual character. Even though the origin of the goblets is a masculine object, they have feminine side, too.  Decorated with golden drops, they represent pure joy, allowing the mental images of each visitor flow freely. 


Tending to float in a fluid.

Capable of keeping a body afloat, as a liquid.

Not easily depressed; cheerful.

Cheering or invigorating (=fill with life and energy; energize)."



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