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Group exhibition: Kuusisto Art Manor, Kaarina, Finland

Lace paper moments

These three pieces are an ode to getting through difficult times and finding happiness after sorrows. I have approached the theme through the symbolic meanings of everyday objects and materials. I´m inspired by conceptual art and the interplay between art and ordinary objects. I have used tissue paper and lace paper in my art as a pair of opposites, symbolizing  grief and comfort – joy and emancipation. Salt, sugar and mud are materials that we use as metaphors in our expressions. Nonpareils represents to me pure and sincere happiness. I have also been inspired by the poem "Muiston kevät" ("A spring of memory") by Elina Vaara (1955 Salaisuuksien talo). The line "Shed your pupa, butterfly" expresses beautifully the metamorphose from sorrow to joy.


1. Everything will be alright (Metamorphose II)​

100 x 100 cm

Lace paper, tissue paper

 2. Nonpareil moment, spice of life​

37 x 43 x 85 cm

Glass, Ceramics (skeramiikka), silver spoon, sugar water, salt water, mud (from river Aura), crushed stone, sugar dressing, nonpareils, lace paper, tissue paper, pillowcase


3. Towards the doily moment (Metamorphose I)

30 x 95 x 170

Lace paper, tissue paper


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